SHED was originally conceived as part of Visions of Utopia exhibition in East London (summer 2006) curated by Steve Wheeler. This event was centered around the William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow and drew inspiration from Morris’s novel News from Nowhere.

Invited by Steve to contribute a series of sheds to the event, illustrator and academic Andrew Baker undertook the mission of inviting friends and associates to fill the sheds with artwork. His idea was simple:

The resulting show was built on the goodwill of all the contributors, and with major commitments from Linda Hughes, Cath Whippey, Dominic Trevett and John McFaul. It took place inside the island theatre in Walthamstow’s Lloyd Park in September 2005.

January 2006 saw the birth of SHED 2.

Shown at the UCE Birmingham SHED 2 collected the ‘ideal sheds’ from over fifty illustrators, designers, photographers and model makers, collectively known as the SHEDDISTS. Their works were designed to fit together inside the cramped confines of two sheds, and celebrated the hand-made and the tinkered-with.

The show was curated by Andrew Baker, and presented by Birmingham UCE in association with the University College for the Creative Arts at Canterbury, Epsom, Farnham, Maidstone, and Rochester.

In May and June of 2006 the University College for the Creative Arts at Epsom hosted SHED 3.

As it traveled from location to location it grew in size – now it included sheds by staff and students from the Visual Communication Department at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design.

Included were drawings, models, tightly scribbled plans, cages and collections of bottled memorabilia by Dominic Trevett, Tim Ellis, Lizzie Finn, John McFaul, Association of Illustrators award winners Andrew Baker, Geoff Grandfield, Simon Pemberton and Paul Slater, and Economist Cartoonist of the Year Morten Moerland.

Further Reading:


Birmingham Post

Slideshow for SHED 1 (photos: Brian Whitehead).

Slideshow for SHED 2

Slideshow for SHED 3

A whistle-stop tour of the Sheddists and how the curator knows them:

Robyn Abbott [neighbour] / Dan Allen [former student turned illustrator] / Mette-Sofie D. Ambeck [book artist and designer] / Peter Bailey [illustrator and former tutor] / Andrew Baker [the curator] / Frank Baker [the curator’s dad] / Gareth Barnett [UCE Birmingham student] / Shelley Best [UCE Birmingham student] / Nicky Borowiec [former student now illustrator & designer] / Hannah Bryan [illustrator and academic] / Robin Chevalier [illustrator and academic] / Becky Chilcott [former student now book designer] / Sue Clarke [illustrator and academic] / Chris Chorley [UCE Birmingham student] / Clive Colledge [UCE Birmingham lecturer and designer] / Ivan Cottrell [Art Director at Design Week] / Sarah Dickie [illustrator] / Jonathan Day [UCE Birmingham lecturer THS] / Marion Elliott [illustrator] / Tim Ellis [illustrator and academic] / John Flynn [illustrator and academic] / Lizzie Finn [illustrator and tutor] / Vera Gibson [neighbour] / Geoff Grandfield [illustrator and academic] / Gero Grundmann [designer] / Neil Hadfield [illustrator/ animation tutor UCE] / John Hall [UCE Birmingham student] / Ian Halley [neighbour] / Peter Hanauer [artist and academic] / Martin Harrison [Design Editor at the Times] / Al Heighton [illustrator] / Gordon Hendry [illustrator and designer with Caithness Glass] / Fiona Hesford [textile designer] / Rob Hillier [typographer and academic] / Mark Hinckley [designer] / Linda Hughes [animator] / Jill Jamieson [artist and former academic] / John Jamieson [designer] / Andrew Kulman [illustrator and academic] / Julia Lohmann [designer] / Calum MacKenzie [artist and academic] / John Marsh [illustrator] / John McFaul [illustrator and academic] / Vanisha Mistry [UCE Birmingham student] / Morten Moerland [cartoonist for The Times] / Mike Nicholson [comic-strip artist and academic] / Billy O Boy [comrade and drinking mate] / David Osbaldestein [UCE Birmingham student] / Simon Pemberton [illustrator] / Kelvin Poulton [UCE lecturer & honorary sheddist] / Mark Povell [intellectual] / Hayley Robertson [UCE Birmingham student] / Linda Scott [illustrator and academic] / Chris Sharrock [illustrator and academic] / Paul Slater [illustrator] / Andy Smith [illustrator] / Nick Spence [all round good-guy] / Sallyanne Theodosiou [designer and fellow academic] / Maria Theodaraki [UCE Birmingham student] / Mark Thompson [UCE Birmingham student] / Melissa Thompson [artist and academic] / Nathan Tromans [UCE lecturer-photographer-musician] / Dominic Trevett [illustrator and SHED webmaster] / Nick Watkinson [illustrator] / Jane Webster [illustrator and academic] / Louise Weir [illustrator] / Mark Wheatley [illustrator and academic] / Steven Wheeler [artist and curator] / Cath Whippey [artist] / Bev Whitehead [designer and academic] / Brian Whitehead [renaissance man and academic] / Irene Whitehead [artist] / Pete Wilson [UCE Birmingham student].

Illustrations: Andrew Baker
Design: Dominic Trevett

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